Makes conscious shopping easy

Find sustainable alternatives when you're buying online

Odar offers shoppers a convenient approach to conscious buying. Our web browser extension rates products across a number of metrics and recommends cross-platform sustainable alternatives. With a click you will be led to a more sustainable purchase saving you time and reducing impacts on our environment.
We make it easy to
Find sustainable products
Currently, a lack of coherent sustainability reporting and deceptive marketing prevents consumers from making sustainable choices when shopping online.
Save yourself time and money
Despite good intentions, consumers are left making inefficient purchasing decisions, settling for products that are most convenient.
Discover brands you align with

Enabling shoppers to discover products and brands that are making responsible decisions will help drive demand for more sustainable products.

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Every product is unique, and every shopper’s preference is unique. Let us be the product experts and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make ethical decisions with one easy click. 


As a bonus we’ll match you with brands that align most with your values while rewarding them for their transparency on sustainability reporting.


Our initial platform provides accurate product recommendations for zero-waste & second-hand alternatives that you're searching for.


Through our web browser extension, we are creating a cross-platform product sustainability rating and actionable recommendation algorithm to elevate sustainable purchasing decisions and uncover data to demystify the preferences of green consumers.

Odar is a community driven solution and we'd like to hear from you on how we can improve.


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